Insights From the Studio of Phil Harris

A few years ago several teachers who attended one of my teacher-training sessions at a convention asked me afterwards if I’d consider sharing more of my insights on teaching television production and broadcast journalism. Coincidentally, School Video News had approached me with the same request: Would I share my thoughts and experiences with their readers who happen to be teachers of TV/Video and Film Production. I said I’d be happy to and that was 30+ articles ago!

I’ve always said that there is no one way to teach anything and that I am just sharing what worked for me. Below are some of my favorite articles which are most appropriate for the beginning of the school year. I hope you find something helpful in them.

What You Do In September Can Affect Spring

Attendance Plans that Work
Attendance Plans that Work - Part Two

A “Must Learn” Attitude Toward Qualifying to Operate Equipment

Adapting a “Must Learn” Attitude Toward Written Tests

You Are Not Alone!

Entering and Winning Competitions

Preventing Idle Students

Planning a Studio
Planning a Studio - Part Two
Planning a Studio - Part Three

This next is a review of a teaching tool/video which I’ve produced that may help you teach about common errors students make in video production.

The World's Worst News Package?

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A former television production instructor, Phil is nationally-known as a textbook author and a break-out session presenter in the fields of television production and broadcast journalism. He has travelled throughout the country as a consultant and trainer sharing and advising session attendees on many aspects of teaching these subjects successfully. Phil has made presentations at VENE, ACTE, FETC, ITEA, JEA, SkillsUSA, STN, TSA, VATIE, and others.

In February, 2011, the second edition of his high school textbook Television Production and Broadcast Journalism was published by Goodheart-Willcox, Co., Inc. The third edition of Television Production and Broadcast Journalism, also published by Goodheart-Willcox, Co., will be available mid 2015.

Phil has also written many articles for School Video News and is the Technical Chair for the Television Production contest for SkillsUSA. Additional information, sample videos, and links for booking Phil can be found at